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How to Eat Snow Crab Legs Properly

Snow crab is one delicious item on seafood restaurant menus. People who enjoy eating snow crabs have no inkling of how difficult it is for fishermen to be able to bring it to the dinner table. It is actually risky for fishermen to catch snow crabs or any crab for that matter because of the sharp claws that can have you severely injured. It takes hard work to bind them all up and deliver them to restaurants so that you can have a delectable meal.

Another curious and challenging thing about eating snow crabs is eating their legs. This situation is a tough one if you have to eat snow crab legs on a date, and you don’t know how to do it properly. If you plan to bring your date to a seafood restaurant to make a good impression, then make sure that if you will order snow crab legs, you know how to eat it properly.

Thankfully, eating snow crab legs is not difficult. There is a right tool to crack open crab legs and this is not difficult to do. Cracking the shell of snow crab legs can be done with a nutcracker or any other type of cracker. This is all you need.

Restaurants do provide these shell crackers. If you want to be able to eat snow crab legs anytime, not only in restaurants but also at home, then you need to invest on this kind of tool. You can buy these crackers in home stores. Go to the kitchen section where they sell kitchen tools and you will be able to find one.

One important tip when eating snow crab legs is to let it cool down first. This will allow you to handle it easily. Using your hard and the cracker, the shell should be cracked open so that you can take the meat out. Crack the part near the claw with the cracker and then snap it open. Even without a cracker, thin legs can be opened. Using your hands can open thin crab legs. The delightful meat will be exposed once you crack open the shell of the crab legs, and then with your fork you simply need to scoop it out and eat it with pleasure.

You make a dip to eat with steamed snow crabs. You can make a sauce for it, which some restaurants do. Ideally, one eats crab meat with rice or salad, but there are some who would prefer to it is plain. However you want to eat your snow crab meat is up to you. You will be delighted to have this served to you especially now that you know how to eat snow crab legs.

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