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Today, there are now lots of us that are using lanyards hence, making lanyards one of the most common item we see. For sure, you are using lanyard using and you know what it is but just for information sake, when we say lanyards, we are actually referring to an item that is worn around the neck or the wrist so that it will not be lost and for it to be visible all the time, known for carrying something and these items come in different forms like ribbons, straps, strings, cords or even ropes. When it comes to lanyards, there are actually quite a number of them that you can choose from, as what we have stated above, yet the most common are lanyards made of cords since they come in varieties like those used for firing cannon balls which have hooks at one end, or perhaps those that are worn around the neck and are used to hold a whistle or maybe those that are worn on the neck or even on the shoulders and are used to hold a knife, to name a few.

As to where does the term lanyard derived from, well, it was derived from laniere, a French word that means thong or strap. We know as well that you are interested to know when was the very first lanyard introduced or used hence, we begin by telling you that in the seventeenth century, it was a nautical term that refers to the line or the rope which can hold something to the boat or the ship. Then there also goes the fact that lanyards as used as well by naval personnel for the purpose of carrying their language or the valuable items they are bringing with them as they embark on the journey. In the late years of the nineteenth century, the term lanyard was used to describe the cord that is used to holding the sword or the knife in place inside its sheath or scabbard during the war. At those times of war, a soldier or a warrior that is fighting is often seen wearing their lanyards at their left shoulder however, since they find it quite hard to take out the knife in such position, they finally decided to place it on their right shoulder.

Today, you will see that lanyards are being used to hold valuable things like flash drives, IDs, wallets or even gadgets and are often seen worn around the neck or the wrist or even attached to materials such as purse or belts. The truth of the matter is that lanyards are known for being the simplest and the most effective way of securing the things that you hold valuable and at the same time, displaying the personal interest you have and your loyalties as well.

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