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Reasons Why Pinhole Surgical Technique Is The Best For Gum Recession

Bad species of bacteria normally cause the dangerous bacterium infections o the gum. Hence the gum treatment techniques normally target in the removal of these harmful bacteria. The gums can be treated by use of pinhole surgical procedure. The technique has many merits associated with it. These advantages are explained below.

There is minimal invasion with the use of the pinhole surgical technique. The procedure involves the creation of a very small hole just above the infected area by the use of the needle. The the treatment is done successfully by using the created hole. A special instrument is used to cover the hole after the completion of the procedure instead of grafting. This is the main reason why the trauma that results from this technique is minimized. This procedure eliminates grafting and sutures.

With the use of pinhole surgical procedure, less or no pain is felt by the patient. This is the most comfortable gum treating procedure known. This is because, the use of scalpel is eliminated. Also most painful things such as grafting and invasion are avoided during the procedure. The pain that can be caused by a small hole that is created is much less. Though some patients do feel very little pain that can’t make them be uncomfortable. Hence the pinhole surgical procedure is the best procedure.

Also the procedure is time saving. Since less grafting is involved in doing the pinhole surgical procedure, less time is needed to complete the procedure. The procedure may take a maximum of two hours depending on the number of teeth that need to be grafted. If the number of teeth to be grafted is less, twenty to sixty seconds are enough. When the mouth is severely infected, the procedure required the maximum of two hours for it to be completed. Hence this procedure can save one’s time.

Also the recovery time is less when these treatment is used. This allows the patients to go back to their normal daily routine as soon as possible. After a day, the patient can even during and eat normally with no problem. This is better that the other traditional methods that require more time for the patient to recover from it. This is time saving.

Also the procedure doesn’t involves grafting of donated gum. Gum grafting can make someone look very odd. Foreign gum is not grafted to the mouth since the small hole that is created during the procedure can be easily covered by repositioning the original patient’s gum. This implies that the appearance will remain just normal after the procedure.

The benefits of the pinhole surgical procedure have been explained above. The procedure is good for people that has receding gums. The experienced and appropriate dentist can help make the procedure work with the long-term result.

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