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A Discussion about Video Production

Whenever technology changes we also have to keep up with the changing technology, when it comes to the filming industry, video coverage has also advanced and today we are able to capture live events using our phones or even cameras. Video production is the process of producing video content and whereby images are able to be digitally recorded and not in film stock. We are going to look at how video production is done through looking at the various stages that it goes through which includes the pre-production, production, and post-production.

The initial stage when it comes to video production is what is called the pre-production and this is even before you start filming. This stage involves more of the paperwork duties which include script writing, putting up schedules, budgeting, and other administrative duties. This stage is basically the foundation of the video production and this is because you require a script to be able to have a video to work on, and you will need a budget that will guide you on how much you can spend, and definitely need a schedule that will control your movements and your activities.

After dealing with the pre-production you come to the production part which is the center of everything and this is whereby you basically capture the video content or simply do the filming. When it comes to the actual production or filming of whatever it is that you want to capture it is important that you ensure that you have quick and precise cameramen who are able to capture what should be captured and not miss out on anything. During this process when you’re dealing with a live event coverage it is even more sensitive and requires more expertise because this is an event that you cannot control and therefore will not wait for you to be ready to capture so you have to ensure that the people behind the cameras are able to keep up.

After the production, the stage comes the post-production stage and this is the final stage where basically everything is put together to try and come up with a video that will be able to tell a story or communicate whatever message that it was intended for whether it was a live event or a staged event. This is the execution stage and therefore it will be able to tell the audience whether the message that you were actually trying to put out has been able to be understood by the audience. The post-production stage is able to determine whether the video will be put out for its audience or whether it will end up to be a flop and cancelled therefore the editors have to ensure that they do a good job to ensure that the video comes out the way it was supposed to come out for its targeted audience.

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