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Some of the Key Things You need to Know about Tempera Painting

The main focus of this article is to shed some light on some of the basic things of value as information about Tempera painting, as a style of painting. Our most concerted efforts in the post will be to look at some of the key facts about Tempera painting in which we will focus on telling what Tempera painting is all about, when it was used and finally see some of the properties of Tempera painting. Continue reading and see most of all these in their very detail about Tempera painting as we have touched on them below.

Our first stop will be a look at what this style of painting is all about particularly the definition. Basically in this painting style, the medium used is Tempera and so the name Tempera painting. Tempera is the medium used in the painting and it is typically consisting of a pigment mixed with a binder, in most cases an emulsion of water and egg yolk. Tempera is known for the fact that it quite does dry so fast and as well will prove to be such a long lasting paint work. Tempera paint jobs as such are those paint jobs that are done using this method of painting. The paint starts by the painter/artist grinding the pigment into powder and then place it into a palette which will then be followed with the artist adding some drops of water to the pigment so ground. This done, what will follow will be the pigment will be so well done mixed with the binder, the egg yolk, in small portions with the aim being so as to ensure that the mix you will result with is one that is as transparent as it can be. In order to end up with a good quality paint job at the end of the day, you will need to have ensured that you have indeed maintained the consistency of the paint and this you can manage by adding the water solution to the paint over and over to the required quality.

The second thing you will need to look at is the fact of the period of time when the paint style was widely in use. It is actually a painting type that is believed to have originated from the classical times. Reading ancient Greek, Egyptian and Latin works of literature and art will give you a glimpse in to the fact that this is a form of literature and art work that existed in the ancient societies of these cultures.

It is indeed seen in a number of the works of art that we have a number of the works of art dating to these times and as such support the view that it was actually one of the most popular forms of art work used by a majority of the artists in these times. Tempera became a huge impact in Europe and Asia over the subsequent years and was seen as the favor of many of the artists.

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