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Telling the Unsafe Physical Exercises Unfit for You Post a Hysterectomy Surgery

If you were just out of a hysterectomy procedure, then for the sake of your pelvic health you need to stay away from some kinds of physical exercises which are just nothing but inappropriate for you. Lack of knowledge has always seen a number of women getting back to the gym and getting down to physical workout plans which all too often have proved to be exposing them to serious pelvic health risks. The situation gets worsened more so when you consider the fact that most of the fitness instructors are as well unaware about the inappropriate fitness exercises which the candidates in their classes who are post a hysterectomy should not engage in as such leaving the women all the time seriously exposed to serious risks. The ideas discussed in the article will be tips to help you tell of the types of exercises and workouts you should avoid as a matter of health needs after your successful hysterectomy.

One of the exercises to avoid is that which will involve the stretching of the abdominal muscles for they will greatly impact on the pelvic floor. These kinds of exercises will basically force the pelvic floor downwards especially in women with poorly functioning pelvic floor muscles. The net effect of such kinds of exercises is the reduced pelvic support with the continued strain and pressure exerted on the pelvic muscles out of the core strength or abdominal exercises.

The problems which you are bound to suffer as a result of reduced pelvic support and pelvic floor problems are quite a number and some of them are anorectal disorders, incontinence, and vaginal prolapse. Keep in mind the research findings which indicate that the potential for suffering a condition of vaginal prolapse is greatly increased when one is post a hysterectomy.

It thus becomes quite imperative that you learn how to avoid overloading your pelvic floor muscles after a hysterectomy with wrong abdominal or core strength exercises. Below we list some of the exercises which will be just that-inappropriate for you post a hysterectomy.

Like we have highlighted above, avoid the abdominal curl exercises. The abdominal curl exercises will involve the lifting of the head and the shoulders from a lying position and are of various kinds like the incline sit ups, the oblique and the fit ball sit ups, all of which must be discarded from your workout plans.

The other kind of exercise you will need to do well avoiding is the double leg raise.

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