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Top Qualities of Aerolite Insulation for Roofs and Ceilings

You’ve not identified the right expert to insulate your roof until you’ve found someone who uses your preferred insulation material to do a great job. Typically, you’re emphasizing insulation material because you want to save energy and still attain the best interior comfort levels. Thankfully, aerolite insulation installers will do the job well every time since they’re using a material that’s associated with the qualities you’re after. Let’s look into aerolite qualities that suit it best as the choice for ceiling insulation or roofing insulation.

Indoor Comfort Over Summer

With aerolite insulation, your house stays cool in summer because the natural heat dissemination associated with every building is substantially impeded. In summer, as such, the heat outside is prevented from passing through a roof that boasts aerolite insulation to interfere with the comfortable, cool air inside. What this roof insulation means for your home is that it enhances your indoor living comforts when you can’t tolerate the warmer conditions outside.

Guaranteeing Warmth During Winter

When a roof is not appropriately insulated, very low winter temperature outside a home instantly affects the interior temperature. Don’t forget that the enclosure created by your home ceiling is the origin of a large volume of cold air. During winter, your roof becomes very cold and it transfers the extreme temperatures to your interior living spaces. The only reliable solution is aerolite thermal insulation for your roof.

Efficient Energy Use

A good number of homes and business premises install heating and cooling mechanisms to control interior comfort. Yet, electricity is very expensive, and when you bear that in mind, heating and cooling costs can be prohibitive too.

Through proper ceiling insulation, you can avoid the requirement for HVAC systems. As an insulating material, aerolite is not impacted by very hot summer temperature outside, so installing on your ceiling gets it to cut heat transfer into and from your indoors by as much as 90%. Because the insulation can improve indoor temperature during extremely hot days by as much as 8 degrees Celsius, it minimizes the need to cool using HVAC system. This insulation serves the same purpose over winter, cushioning the roof enclosure so you don’t have to warm your house using power equipment.

Aerolite is Eco-Friendly and Durable

Re-used glass constitutes about 80% of aerolite, while natural silica sand comprises the remainder 20%, making it safe for the environment. It can last from 20 to 25 years, making it a worthy investment. Aerolite is relatively resistant to burning, and it’s rated A/1 in fire resistance.

Work with aerolite insulation installers if you wish to maintain superior indoor air quality regardless of extreme winter or summer conditions outside your house or business premises.

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