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How to Select a Bike Lock

It is being reported that the rate of bike thefts has gone up in recent times. This is because more people are beginning to appreciate the usefulness of bikes. There is need to get yours a good bike lock, to protect your investment.

As you shop around for a bike lock, you need to keep a few things in mind. You need to know that as much as you shall have the lock, the bike might still be stolen. There are some that are so good it is not easy for a thief to manage much against them. This mean that the more you can invest in a lock, the better the level of security it can afford you. Do not go for the cheapest you can find, since you will be inviting thieves. This does not mean you should wait till you can afford the best locks in the market.

You will find various kinds of bike locks in the market. You get to choose among them based on where you intend to park the bike and where you stay.

There are the U-locks, which resemble the letter. It is the most popular design, and also the most secure. They are capable of stopping most tools from being used to steal the bike. You need to ensure that the prongs can fit your bike but leave as little room as possible. It should not be easy to insert a tool in between the arms to make it easy to break it. They come in many sizes, making it easier for you to choose yours.

You can also go for the cable lock type. They are better at adaptability, but are less secure than the U-locks. They are ideal for areas that experience less crimes. You can also buy it and use it alongside the U-lock.

You also have the chain locks. They are usually tough, and get tough areas their sizes increase. The chain is usually the strongest bit about it. Its lock needs to be as strong as the chain itself. You cannot afford to have a strong chain with a weak lock. It is usually a heavy setup that makes transporting it around a hard job to do.

You also have the choice of seat and wheel skewer types. They are light in weight thus easy to ferry about. They can, however, break much faster. They are on the other hand most popular in high crime rate regions since to break them, you would need some tools not easily found.

You will appreciate the importance of having these bike locks. The keys used here are also part of that security. They also present a challenge in their complex nature.

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